AS Gaur was founded in 1991, but its history goes back to the year 1955 when the construction of Estonian and Baltic Power Stations, some of the largest power stations in Europe, began. Specialists of the unit of the former Soviet Union-wide trust ‘Hydroelectromontazh’, who later comprised the backbone of the team of ‘Gaur’, participated in power equipment installation on the above-mentioned sites, as well as many other large projects of energy industry in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and other countries. 

In 1999, AS Gaur launches an electrical equipment factory with the product range including kiosk substations, distributing boards 0.4 kV and boards of automation, control and protection. 

In 2004, AS Gaur develops a new functional area - maintenance and repairs of electrical installations for manufacturing and utilities. 

Nowadays, AS Gaur specializes in construction projects for power supply, transmission and distribution industry and power supply projects for manufacturing and utilities.

The main areas of expertise include:
  • Design of power distribution and transmission equipment, control, protection and automation systems
  • Installation of electrical equipment, cable and overhead power lines up to 330kV  
  • Installation of industrial automation, control and measurement devices
  • Measurement, adjustment and alignment of electrical equipment
  • Supply of materials and equipment up to 330kV
  • Renovation, repairs and maintenance of electrical installations
  • Building panels 

In order to fully meet our commitments and achieve our goals, AS Gaur employs highly qualified and experienced personnel. We also have modern 15000 m² facilities in the area of Ülemiste City in the centre of Tallinn, including 2700 m² of office and manufacturing areas and a 600 m² indoor warehouse. Furthermore, we have developed an effective network of suppliers of materials and equipment.  

AS Gaur is an authorized distributor of the following companies:

  • UAB Elga, Lithuania;
  • EFEN GmbH, Germany.

    AS Gaur strives to meet individual needs of its customers in a most comprehensive and complete way by giving a particular attention to collaboration with Client through all the stages of project development and execution. Our goal is to deliver highest level of efficiency and cost effectiveness in every project.

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